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About Us

Gia Naturals is a brand founded and registered, by an enterprising and Internationally qualified Esthetician and Naturopath who is also educated in Trichology and on the benefits of essential oils, who is a professional trainer for Beauty, Hair, Make-Up and Spa Therapy. We have trained many individuals who are doing well as Professionals, entrepreneurs, and also placed in renowned service industry. Also associated with State and Central Board of Vocational Education in this field.

100% Natural products for Beautiful Personality. Started by Mrs. Rosa Boben George, as a Natural Therapy, Beauty and health consultation and training brand in India, Gia Naturals strives to bridge the existing gap between an individual and nature, by being natural products, therapies and treatments for enhancing the beauty of an individuals.
The branch firmly believes that nature has effective solutions for all modern health and beauty troubles and provides a wide range of effective service catering to modern health, beauty, hair, and skin troubles. Gia Naturals has a team of experienced professionals having expertise in field of beauty, cosmetology, naturopathy, yoga and healthcare through diet and nutrition.
Rosa Boban George is an internationally-certified aesthetician and naturopath who specialize in providing professional training in the field of beauty, hair, makeup and spa therapy and yoga.

The intention is to make use of the nature's gifts to the benefit of the human being in various ways using them. The reason being identified as the modern life has induced stress in humans, by the use of preservatives and other harmful products in food and chemicals in the form of cosmetics and other unhealthy lifestyle is the cause for major health problems which adds into the already stressful urban life.

Role Of Gia Naturals

In modern life, we tend to live a lazy and easy life with modern amenities which adversely affect our health including our skin and hair. Gia Naturals plays an imminent role here to give you the best of advice /consultation/ treatments to rectify these adverse effects and helps to lead a healthy life.