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Bridal Solutions

Traditional Indian weddings have many rituals and celebrations which last for a few days or even weeks depends on communities and their capacities to celebrate. There are pre-wedding ceremonies and post wedding poojas and receptions at different venues. In fact the preparation with shopping of cloths, selection jewelleries and preparing list of guests and preparation of other related matters take a lot of time and generally the girl has no time or strength to take care of her looks or skin.
It's the dream of every girl to have smooth and glowing skin. It's not too late or too early to start a treatment for having good skin and receive the compliments which she has been longing for. She has to look her best as she is the focus of many invitees and also many of them have lot of expectations of her looks.
Here we provide skin analysis to understand the type of skin and accordingly suggest a suitable skin and body treatment as may be required.

The tanned and tired skin and body is relaxed and rejuvenated with our relaxing and de-toxing spa treat and prepared for the hectic time ahead. All essential services are provided and she is ready for the BIG day in her life. We also take care of her skin in such a way that it retains its sheen for the next couple weeks without much effort and only with simple home care.
Our package also includes a makeover for the wedding ceremonies as may be required for her to have more glamour with natural looking makeup.
Apart from this we have packages for the bride, groom and the whole family to be fit and fine for the family's great occasion in which their health is taken care of and also weight management and their looks that matters. We understand that each individual is different and accordingly provide individual care to each one as the each person 's needs are different. All our services are to ensure that there is health and happiness around all through the ceremonies and even later which is only families have a hectic schedule due to various customs and traditions.

As a whole, we will be with you as your Health and Beauty partner.

Role Of Gia Naturals

Although our modern lifestyle has bestowed many amenities upon us; the fact that these amenities have also taken a toll on us can't be denied. This is particularly true of our health, hair and skin.
In such a situation, we are here to offer you the very best advice/ consultation, so as to rectify these adverse effects and help you lead a healthy life.