Gia Naturals

Fasting Therapy

Food taken in illness nourishes the illness, not the patient. Fasting initiates the process of purification of the blood. During fasting, the digestive system is able to remove accumulated toxin from the digestive system and provides rest for a while and efficiency is resumed at the end of fasting period. But fasting should be guided/supervised. There are different types of fasting which should be completed in the proper manner to avail full benefit.
When one is in good health, if fasting practiced once in ten or twelve days, it helps to purify the body and can prevent diseases.

Role Of Gia Naturals

Although our modern lifestyle has bestowed many amenities upon us; the fact that these amenities have also taken a toll on us can't be denied. This is particularly true of our health, hair and skin.
In such a situation, we are here to offer you the very best advice/ consultation, so as to rectify these adverse effects and help you lead a healthy life.