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Joining hands together with likeminded individuals/firms to widen our expertise and dream to develop a bigger network of service providers, to serve those who desire to have a quality service in the areas of Health, Hair and Skin care to benefit the Society as a whole, enabling them to share their experience occasionally with their close associates. Those who wish to join our network of services will be using our brand name and provide services from their locations as per the terms and conditions executed by M/s Franchisee India.
"We provide consultation on life style, stress, lack of time to exercise, eating food which is easily available and ultimately sickness or diseases "We provide consultation on life style, stress, lack of time to exercise, eating food which is easily available and ultimately sickness or diseases set in. Over a period of time body frame, periodic visit for evaluating time frame, periodic visit for evaluating the staff performance & upgrading on technology services & various issues pertaining to the business.

Ideal Franchisee Profile

Gia Naturals looks forward to partnering with passionate investors/entrepreneurs who stand strong on the following parameters:

  • Location: Adequate retail space at a prominent location
  • Capital: Strong financial backup with an ability to invest for the growth of business
  • Experience: Experience in beauty/salon industry not necessary
  • Ability: Strong networking skills with an ability to look after the day to day operations of the business

Great Reasons to Partner with Gia Naturals

  • Complete service bouquet stretching over skin care, health care and hair care services
  • Effective therapies and treatment using 100% Natural products
  • Expert term of beauty, hair and healthcare professionals
  • In-house training academy offering professional training courses
  • Consultation services regarding setting up natural healing centers
  • Experienced founder with international certifications
  • Comprehensive franchisor support

Comprehensive Franchisor Support

Gia Naturals (The Franchisor) has developed a comprehensive support programme for its franchisees based on the following parameters.

  • Set Up: The franchisor would assist the franchisees in choosing the best location for operations and would also provide support related to the designing and layout of the outlet.
  • Supplies: The franchisor would assist the franchisees in the pre-opening and regular purchase of beauty and hair care products for the faster commencement and smoother operations.
  • Recruitment: The franchisor would assist the franchisees with recruitment and staffing procedures to ensure the right talent is hired to conduct world-class skin, beauty and hair care procedures.
  • Operation Manuel: The franchisor would provide an operations manuel containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for franchise operations.
  • Training: The franchisor would organize training programs for the franchise owner and staff from time to time to enlighten and upgrade about various beauty, skin and hair procedures.
  • Advertising and Promotions: The franchisor will organize events specific to marketing/branding of Gia Naturals at the national/regional level. This will include participation in expose, tie-ups with magazines/news papers etc. and much more to promote franchised outlets.

Allowing nature and natural products to work in our life has great benefits and major health problems can be avoided. Basically we believe that "Prevention is better than cure." We are a team of qualified professionals in the field of Cosmetology, Naturopathy, Trichology, Aroma Therapy, Public Relations , Human Resources and Marketing with experience of 15 years and above in their respective fields. We have been providing professional training all over India with Government and Non-governmental Organizations under various vocational and skill development schemes for Beauty Culture, Spa Therapies, Aroma Therapy, Naturopathy & Yoga, Diet & Nutrition.

Franchise Facts :

Area Required Total Investment Franchise Free Payback Period Average ROI Agreement Term
1200 sq.ft. (With Training) Rs. 35 Lac Rs. 7 Lac 1 year, 6 Month 85% 5 years
640 sq.ft. (Centre) Rs. 23-24 Lac Rs. 4 Lac 1 Year, 11 Month 81% 5 Years
450 sq.ft (Clinic) Rs. 15 Lac Rs. 3 Lac 1 Year, 11 Month 81% 5 Years

Expanding Footprints

Gia Naturals looks forward to expanding its footprints by opening natural healing center on a pan-India scale with the help of franchising based on the following franchise facts:

Role Of Gia Naturals

In modern life, we tend to live a lazy and easy life with modern amenities which adversely affect our health including our skin and hair. Gia Naturals plays an imminent role here to give you the best of advice /consultation/ treatments to rectify these adverse effects and helps to lead a healthy life.