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Effective and Natural Health Solution for various Lifestyle Ailments and prevention of sicknesses

Gia Naturals offer effective therapies, natural treatments and invigorating rituals that help an individual to prevent and treat various lifestyle ailments. The therapies and rituals offered by Gia Naturals offer effective relief from hyper tension, diabetes, acidity, renal problems, digestive problems, joint pain, back pain, etc. Gia Natural aims to promote healthy lifestyle and provide effective consultations regarding healthy diet and detox methods for healthy living.

Modern life and especially urban life is comfortable with most modern technology and availability of latest products which make life very easy and less of troubles. To have all the latest commodities man has to work very hard in this highly competitive era. In the process they sacrifice their health by taking stress, lack of time to exercise, eating food which is easily available with preservatives and saturated fats, leading to sickness or diseases. Over a period of time body organs slow down and become dysfunctional. By the time they realize the problem, many times it is already at a stage and needs lot of treatment and more time required for repair enabling to recover from the illness.

Our expertise is to provide healthy living and prevent sicknesses like Hyper tension, Diabetics, Acidity, Renal problems, Digestive problems, Joint pains, back pain and so on.

Some of the natural therapies offered by Gia Naturals include:

Aroma Therapies Reflexology Magnet Therapies Traditional Indian Massages Swedish Massages Thai Massages Herbal Massage Kerala Traditional Massage Cupping Massages Wet Sheet Treatment Hot Foot Bath Hot Wraps Hydrotherapy Sandhi Raksha Nethradhara Shirodhara Ksheeradhara Paada Raksha Shirodhara Shirodhara Shirodhara Shirodhara Shirodhara Anti –cellulite Treatments Hastha Raksha Mud therapies Bunian Foot therapies Chiorophyl Therapies Reflexology Sujok Neuro -Therapies Nasya Kriya , Vaman Therapies for varicose veins Anti-cellulite Treatments Spinal Massage, Body Wraps /Body packs Treaatments for Bunion Feet Juice Therapies Magnet Therapies Fasting and De-toxing Therapies Water Therapies Balanced Diet and Nutrition

We provide consultation on life style, diet and various detoxing methods for a healthy living.
Therapies and Rituals:

  • Aroma Therapies (carefully blended oils used for individual benefits)
  • Hydrotherapies (Spine bath, Foot bath, hot and cold water treatments)
  • Massages (Traditional Indian Massage/Swedish Massage/Thai Massages/ Herbal bundle massage/ Kerala Traditional Massage/Cupping massage) for various ailments and pains.
  • Reflexology (benefits the entire body through the sensors of the nervous system)
  • Magnet Therapies
  • Sandhi Raksha (joint pain)
  • Nethradhara (relaxation and rejuvenation of eyes)
  • Shirodhara (stress and stress related disorders)
  • Ksheeradhara ( glowing skin)
  • Paada Raksha (Tired and dry feet > rejuvenation and hydration)
  • Hastha Raksha (tired hands > rejuvenation and hydration )

Detoxing methods:

  • Mud Therapies
  • Chlorophyll Therapies
  • Hydro Therapies
  • Nasya Kriya Vaman etc...

For Obesity :
Detoxing, Body wraps, Anti-Cellulite Treatments, Diet and Exercise & Yoga

Role Of Gia Naturals

Although our modern lifestyle has bestowed many amenities upon us; the fact that these amenities have also taken a toll on us can't be denied. This is particularly true of our health, hair and skin.
In such a situation, we are here to offer you the very best advice/ consultation, so as to rectify these adverse effects and help you lead a healthy life.