Gia Naturals

Magnet Therapy

There are few references in Atharva Veda (a Sacred Book) where sand and stones were used for treatment of certain diseases. Treatments using magnets as a healing tool is a scientific approach. Natural magnetism influences all forms of life. Earth itself is a huge magnet, Experiments have shown that when the head of a person lies towards north, alpha, delta and theta waves dominate inside the brain. Consequently, the thinking process gradually slows down and the person experiences peace.

Role Of Gia Naturals

Although our modern lifestyle has bestowed many amenities upon us; the fact that these amenities have also taken a toll on us can't be denied. This is particularly true of our health, hair and skin.
In such a situation, we are here to offer you the very best advice/ consultation, so as to rectify these adverse effects and help you lead a healthy life.