Gia Naturals


Reflexology works as a stress reducer in the nervous system, promoting beneficial effects on the whole body. Hands reach out to feel the sensors of person suffering of illness. Pressure sensors in the hands give us the ability to communicate with others and to manipulate our surroundings, and using the tools and equipment that we routinely use to perform those tasks. This enables the body to gear up the internal organs and muscles to respond eventually.
Reflexology techniques provide stimulus to pressure sensors of the hands , promote reflexive response throughout the body, including on internal organs. When reflexology techniques are applied to the hand or feet, a specific relaxation response occurs in the corresponding body part.
Reflexology technique affects the body in three ways. A general relaxation, a specific reflex effect, and rejuvenation of the hand/feet itself.

Role Of Gia Naturals

Although our modern lifestyle has bestowed many amenities upon us; the fact that these amenities have also taken a toll on us can't be denied. This is particularly true of our health, hair and skin.
In such a situation, we are here to offer you the very best advice/ consultation, so as to rectify these adverse effects and help you lead a healthy life.