Skin Solutions

Natural Skin Care Treatments and Therapies for Radiant Skin

Having strong expertise in skin aesthetics therapies and treatments, Gia Naturals offers effective natural treatments for revitalizing the skin by dealing with various skin and facial conditions. The brand uses high-quality natural and Organic products that detoxify the skin from the harmful effect of synthetic cosmetics and nourishes the skin for visible radiance and glow. Gia Naturals offer various treatments for skin pigmentation, anti-ageing, scar reduction, etc. such as:

Facials are an important part of skin care esthetics which provides a cleansing, toning and a ph balance, exfoliating the dead cells, nursing the cells and in turn getting a beautiful younger looking, glowing skin.
It also provides relaxation and a feel good factor. But this is in the case of regular cases. There are different skin types which needs special attention and services. Oily skin may have acne problem which is common in teenage or in young adults. But, it's common to see the youth even in their late 20s and early 30s are struggling to manage acne. It even affects their confidence even and are affected to at the social life. Gia Naturals provides excellent treatment for such skin types including scar deduction. They can easily manage it with simple home care after the treatment.

Sensitive skin get affected by almost all the products and UV rays from the sun. Skin turns darker and then it takes a long time or it may never clear the skin at times. In such cases we have d-tanning facials which makes the skin tone even and brighter.
We also have specialized facial treatments for Dry skin which will nourish and hydrate the skin. With the help of micro current the hydrating and nourishing products are penetrated into the deeper cells of the skin for a long term benefit.
Pigmented skin also needs special attention with the right kind of cosmetics including whitening serums for de-melanizing the pigmented cells and renewing new cell production which will make the pigmented cells to disappear gradually.
Gia Naturals also do an excellent service in Anti-ageing solutions with the use of advanced technology correction of drooping eyelids, puffy under-eye bags, fine lines of the forehead, deep short lines at the middle of the eyebrows, laughing lines of the cheeks, monkey lines of the lips, crow-feet line of the eye corners, and the double chin etc. WE also induce collagen production by stimulating the cells under the skin whereby skin gets boost and loosening due to ageing factor is controlled .
We also treat Darker toned skin for brightening and fair skin for glow. All these are without the use of Bleach. It's very clear that the results are to stay for a long time. All our products from nature and free of harsh chemicals.

Premium Products & Services

  • Acne Scar Deduction Treatment
  • Anti-ageing Solutions
  • Skin Brightening and Glowing Therapies
  • De-Tanning Facial and body Treatments
  • Glow and Golden facials
  • Removing/diminishing ageing Lines Treatments
  • Under-eye bag and crowfeet line removals
  • Frown lines and laugh lines deduction
  • Reducing double chin treatments
  • Collagen Treatment Stem-cell Treatments
  • Clear Blemish treatment
  • Cell Renewal treatment
  • De-pigmentation therapy Solution Treatments
  • Firming and toning Therapies Treatments
  • Reverse the age Treatments
  • Acne and acne scar deduction
  • Brightening and Glowing
  • Calming and Relaxing
  • Cooling and Rejuvenating
  • De-tanning and Refreshing
  • De-Pigmentation/Skin Fairness
  • Nourishing and Hydrating
  • Tightening and Stimulating
  • Stem-cell Treatments
  • Diminishing ageing lines such as laugh lines, crowfeet lines, drooping eyelids, puffy under-eye bags and dark circles

Along with regular skin care sessions, the brand also offers specialized services for bride in the form of bridal packages. The bridal package by Gia Naturals ensures that a girl looks the best on wedding day by providing essential skin treatments, makeup and preparation services. Gia Naturals also offers packages for the family and takes care of ensuring that everyone looks perfect by suggesting healthy and natural lifestyle tips to look beautiful and maintain health and figure. . Gia Naturals has been serving the industry through natural practices and also provides required consultation for setting up a beauty salon/natural healing center. The brand offers guidance regarding sourcing of equipment and training of staff members, ect. That helps in setting up fully-functional unit offering natural beauty, skin and hair care services. The brand also offers training courses in beauty, spa therapies, aromatherapy, naturopathy, yoga, and diet management for industry professionals.

Role Of Gia Naturals

In modern life, we tend to live a lazy and easy life with modern amenities which adversely affect our health including our skin and hair. Gia Naturals plays an imminent role here to give you the best of advice /consultation/ treatments to rectify these adverse effects and helps to lead a healthy life.